Amanda Diatta

Since becoming a state-approved teacher for gymnastics & sports (Sportschule Glucker, Stuttgart), certified Pilates trainer Amanda Diatta has gained 10 years’ professional experience in the fitness industry. Amanda’s passion for Pilates springs from her love of ballet and swimming – hobbies she has pursued since childhood.

Along with continuing education in Spiraldynamik®, and becoming a back-exercise teacher and certified personal trainer, Amanda completed her Pilates training in 2009 at Pilates New York, in Joseph Pilates’ original Method of Body Conditioning. Her teacher, Davorka Kulenovic-Bischoff, was herself a student of Romana Kryzanowska, the successor appointed by Joseph Pilates himself.

After six years working with Davorka at Pilates New York, where Amanda assisted as a trainer, she realized her dream of opening her own Pilates studio. In 2014, Amanda founded CONTROLOGY in downtown Stuttgart.

Regular attendance at advanced workshops in Europe and the US – led by renowned teachers such as Kathryn Ross-Nash, Peter Fiasca, Lori Coleman-Brown, and Chris Robinson – allows Amanda to study the Pilates method in greater depth. To this end, she also maintains close contact with her international network of established Pilates trainers. Full of joy and enthusiasm, Amanda shares her wealth of knowledge and experience with her clients and trainers.

Portrait of Coco Knauf

Coco Knauf

Constance “Coco” Knauf began studying medicine and then specialized in nutritional science. During her student years, she discovered the Pilates method and, in 2014, decided to start her Pilates teacher training with Davorka Kulenovic at “Pilates New York” in Stuttgart.

Her classes center on meeting the needs of each individual. With this goal in mind, she regularly attends workshops and takes classes from renowned international trainers, gaining the knowledge she needs to create tailored, customized programs for her clients. Coco teaches both at the studio and in clients’ homes.

Portrait of Oihane Herrero

Oihane Herrero

Oihane was born in Bilbao, Spain. From 1997 through the end of 2013 she danced with Stuttgarter Ballett, most recently as a soloist.

After an ankle injury, she was introduced to classical Pilates, which helped her strengthen her body and protect herself against further injuries.

Oihane was educated as a Pilates trainer by Davorka Kulenovic at “Pilates New York” (Stuttgart), and also completed certification as a Gyrotonic® Level 1 trainer, with Sergio Honorio at “Dynamic Arts” (Freiburg).

Oihane regularly attends Pilates workshops in Germany and abroad. She expands her professional skills by studying Myofascial Release and Fascia Training, among other disciplines.

Portrait of Isabel Moser

Isabel Moser

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Portrait of Petros Terteryan

Petros Terteryan

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Portrait of Nina Laiblin

Nina Laiblin

Following high school graduation, Nina completed a degree in acting and was subsequently an ensemble member at various theaters.

After spending several years devoted to her 5 sons, she began in-depth exploration of Pilates in 2004. Nina completed her Pilates teacher training at “Pilates New York” in Stuttgart, with Davorka Kulenovic: mat training in 2007, and the full training on all equipment two years later.

Nina continually deepens her understanding of the Pilates method and regularly attends advanced workshops with renowned trainers in Germany and abroad. She teaches with infectious enthusiasm and professional care – offering both group classes and individual training sessions.