Schedule group classes (September 2018 - November 2018)


7 pm Pilates


9 am Pilates • 7:30 pm Pilates • 8:30 pm Pilates


6:30 pm Pilates • 7:30 pm Pilates


9 am Pilates • 6:30 pm Pilates


Das Kennenlern-Paket

Beinhaltet 3 Einzelstunden zum ‚Schnuppern‘, um einen Einblick in die Pilates-Methode zu erhalten. Einmalig buchbar.

  • € 180,-

Individual classes

Customized, one-on-one training on all equipment and on the mat. By appointment only.

  • Single Ticket € 80,-
  • Package of 5 € 375,-
  • Package of 10 € 720,-

Group classes

Maximum of 4 participants per class. We train on original Pilates mats by GRATZ.
All group classes meet the requirements of § 20 SGB V to qualify as a preventive measure subsidized by statutory health insurance within Germany.

  • Available as a package of 10 € 225,-

Duet Classes

2 people train with 1 trainer. The prerequisite for duet classes is a minimum of 5 individual classes. By appointment only.

  • Single Ticket € 55,-
  • Package of 5 € 255,-
  • Package of 10 € 480,-

For Companies

Physically active people often perform at a higher level, are more balanced and less frequently ill. A good health management program within a company not only benefits employees – it strengthens the employer, as well. Group classes at the workplace are hugely popular, and CONTROLOGY Pilates Studio has several happy corporate clients. Want to know more? Let’s talk!

Home Studio

Classes for individuals or small groups, in the space and time that suits your needs! 
By appointment only.

  • Price on request.